Some people shouldn't be allowed near photo editors...

There is a photo blog I follow - guy is just your everyday person with a phone (and occasionally a real camera) who lives somewhere in California on some kind of small farm. He often posts 2 or 3 photos a day, mostly around the farm and he uses Snapseed as an editor. Okay, I have Snapseed, I don't use it much any more because I have better editing programs (iPiccy).  This guy edits his photos the same way all the time - intensifies the colors, sharpens, crops - to the point where all his photos look the same and there is no point to them, they don't say anything other than "Oh, look I have a photo editing app (and I'm not afraid to use it)"

Now of course I cannot comment on his blog about this because - hey, it's how he likes his photos to look. But oh I am so tempted because there have been photos that would have been better served by less editing; views that kinda grabbed me except for all the over-editing.

I take photos because I like the way something looks. I have no agenda, there is no point to my photos, artistically or otherwise. I'm not saying anything except "This caught my eye". But ¡Damn, do I love editing¡ I can play for hours with the most mundane of photos. Sometimes for my amusement I post them, most of the times I don't even save the edited photos because, I'm just playing and learning actually.

At any rate, I bought myself some flowers last week and took something like 35 photos. Some were just straight up shots, some where taken with effects my camera has built in. My favorite is called 'photo illustration' and I show some of those later. Right now I am going to show you a before and after pair...

Before editing, shot pretty much on auto with the flash turned off -

And then I went to town editing it...

And yes, if for some strange reason you want to see the photos full size, just click on 'em.


  1. WOW and WOW again. You really brought that picture to life. I like photo editing and I know I've done some crazy off the wall over done ones in the past but I would get totally bored doing them the same way all the time. Half the fun is seeing what new things you can do.

    1. Thank you! I know you use Photoshop Elements but if you ever want to play with another editor the one I use almost exclusively is free, and you edit on-line and then save your finished photo to your computer - take a look at iPiccy.com. I've been using it for a long time and I'm still discovering new things it can do....

  2. What a difference! It's amazing what editing can do! I'll have to check out that program!

    1. It took me a while to realize what this program could do - like if you click on the sharpen function, then click on the little paint brush, then chose 'effect' you can sharpen just one part of the photo - and almost all the editing choices have that function - paintbrush. I actually use 'clarify' more than sharpen (clarify is a choice in the sharpen function). I still don't know what burn or dodge means even tho I've tried to use them. I would pay for this program it's so good but, as luck would have it, it is FREE!