New Toys

I've never been a good typist, pretty crap at it actually. Thankfully no one ever hired me for my manual dexterity. Part of the reason I've never mastered typing is because the fingers on my right are wonky. Here is a photo of my hands relaxed, at rest -

Notice anything odd about my right hand? Like the pinky finger sticking out to the side? It's always like that and yes, it hurts - not a lot, just the sort of achiness you would experience from holding a body part stiffly for a long time.

I can, with some effort, bring it in close to my ring finger but it's hard to do and I have to really concentrate and it won't stay put.

I've always wanted to try a Dvorak keyboard with the thought that it would lessen the strain on my hands - that pinky is useless for typing and just sticks up in the air like I'm all hoity-toity drinking tea.

Those Dvorak keyboards are pricy but I found an inexpensive solution - a keyboard cover! I'm typing on the Dvorak now and it's a little weird but some letter combinations are super easy to type but mostly it's a crap shoot. It doesn't help that I am using an Apple ultra thin with number pad, I really like bigger keyboards for my big hands.

This  is taking me just a little longer than forever to type. I never learned to type properly on a QWERTY keyboard so you'd think this would be easy to pick up. You would be wrong! Still, what the heck, something new to learn.

(If you need/want a specialized keyboard, check out a special cover instead.)

***Image of a Dvorak keyboard layout -


  1. Oh, I imagine that pinky does make it difficult to type. I have never heard of a Dvorak keyboard and as I'm looking at the picture I can see that it would take some getting used to for me. I had a couple different classes in high schoolt hat had typing and can do pretty good.

    1. It is taking quite a bit of getting used to - all these years of using a QWERTY keyboard I kinda got used to how to work it - this is a whole 'nother ballgame.